Материалы по теме 87
Цикл 15, Тема 87:IGMP Timers, IGMP profiles, Multicast VLAN registration
Как найти документ: Support Home → Documentation → Switches → Cumpus LAN Switches — Access → Catalist 3750 Series Switches → Configure → Configuration Guides → Platform and Software Configuration Guides → IP Multicast Routing Configuration Guide, Cisco IOS Release 15.2(3)E and Later(Catalyst 3750-X and 3560-X Switches)
Ссылки на книгу/главу: CCIE Routing and Switching v5.0 Official Cert Guide, Volume 2 (5th Edition), Chapter 7: Introduction to IP Multicasting
Ссылки на сайт xgu.ru: http://xgu.ru/wiki/Multicast_%D0%B2_Cisco
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